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“Inspector Rocke” books are available in Paperback or on Kindle. This paperback have only 10 copies left, as it will be with a new publisher!

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That'll Be The Day

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Fantastic ! Sherlock Holmes (or, Shamrock Wolmbs) step aside ! A well-written, spell-binding murder mystery, which puts the reader directly in the streets and in some of the famous Beatles-related venues of Liverpool in the year 1960. The author’s words vividly place you in the midst of the criminal investigation, and the scenes and colorful characters come to life as clearly as if you are watching them on TV or in a film. Keeps you guessing (and second and third-guessing) throughout, as a good mystery should, and doesn’t fail you at the end, when the truths, and clever twists unfold. For Beatles fans and non-Beatles fans alike. Buy this book ! ... and I can hardly wait for the next in the series. (See it online)


David Bedford's new book “Inspector Rocke – That’ll Be The Day…That I Die” arrived on my Kindle the other day, and I have been in Liverpool heaven ever since. This is the first in what we hope is a series surrounding the Inspector and his situations on the police force.

I found myself being drawn into every story line and enjoyed each hallway, corner, establishment, mood, plot twist, and interaction that came up. The story is well thought-out with detailed personalities that's you'll be glad you met. I realized I visualized every scene and location to the extent that I was smiling with wonderment at what I was imagining. His ability to mold a good story with vivid descriptions is delightful.

The 'faction' angle makes a great read. Just enough fact sprinkled in with what-might-have-really-happened made the read interesting and exciting. I highly recommend this book...a splendid time IS guaranteed for all!